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 Is your campus safe?  

 Are you compliant with  

the Clery Act and Title IX?

SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC was founded as a security and risk management consulting firm by retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman. During his 24 year career in the FBI, Michael served as an Inspector in Charge, leading compliance and performance audits of FBI operations domestically and internationally. Michael also graduated the CIA Inspector General School. Michael's team at SPIRIT Asset Protection, utilizing the FBI Inspection model will assess your Sexual Assault Response Plan as well as your Clery Act and Title IX compliance. We also provide training in response and investigation.


      A substantial proportion of college students are sexually assaulted  

This is an unfortunate fact reported by the National Institute of Justice Journal, September 2016.

Students, parents, media, attorneys and possibly the Department of Justice will demand to know how you responded.

What will you say?

Mere compliance with Title IX and the Clery Act does not ensure an effective and appropriate response to this violent crime.

Is your Sexual Assault Response Plan effective?

  • Is your Police or Security Department adequately trained to investigate such a sensitive crime?
  • Is your plan effective, efficient and compliant?
  • Do you want a comprehensive assessment of your program before it is too late?

Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman and his team from SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC will conduct a comprehensive or limited scope review of your Clery Act, Title IX or Sexual Assault Response Plan.